Ready to roam?

Chubb SIM will take the sting out of overseas travel with our low-cost global roaming SIM card. There is no contract.


from 7.00 AUD

Unlimited data in over 67 million Wi-Fi hotspots around the world

SOS Alert

from 3.00 AUD

SIM Card

from 0.00 AUD

This Multi-fit SIM card fits all mobile phones and tablets. The Chubb SIM comes with an international roaming number and provides you access to 600+ carriers in over 190 countries.
Just add to your cart and complete the order to get a free Global Roaming SIM
SIM Card Size: Multifit SIM (One size fits all)

Top Up

from 15.00 AUD

Data Pack

from 15.00 AUD

Data Packs are broken up into Zones and offer the best per MB value for your Chubb roaming SIM. 

Ideal for the data-hungry traveller and offers even bigger savings on our already great roaming rates. 

Don't forget to check which zone you are travelling to.