Get a free Chubb Connect Wi-Fi Pass
and a free SOS Alerts Pass

When you buy an eligible international travel insurance policy

 Get Chubb Connect

Introducing the New Chubb Connect App
Now includes Chubb SOS Alerts

Mobile Wi-Fi

Don't pay for Wi-Fi access by the hour or by the usage

50 Million
Wi-Fi Hotspots

Available in major hotels, trains, airports and public areas

Stay Up-To-Date

Keep informed about all events happening worldwide – in real-time

Nominate Emergency Contacts

Instantly alert your loved ones in case of emergency

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Getting Started

1. Register with your policy number

Use our Chubb Travel Insurance Policy Number and get your free Wi-Fi and SOS Alerts trial

2. Download the Chubb Connect App


3. Login to App and claim your vouchers

You will see your free Wi-Fi Pass and your free SOS Alerts Pass when you download the App. You will need to claim your voucher and start the pass before you can use it.

Download Chubb Connect App

Before you depart, make sure you download the Chubb Connect App


Use our Hotspot Map to search for specific addresses and check for nearby Hotspots

SOS Alerts Features

To use the SOS Alerts features, you’ll need to activate it and nominate an emergency contact

Check Alerts and Alert Inbox

View your subscribed alerts in your inbox or view them all on the Alerts Map